Muscle Building Foods To Pack On Muscle Mass

The 8 x 8 system is a very unique, and highly
productive training program devised by legendary
trainer Vince Gironda, that will help you quickly
build muscle and lost fat without aerobics.

Keep in mind, while you will build muscle fast
with this system, it is very demanding and definitely
not for beginners. You need to have about two years
of training under your belt before you tackle this
weight lifting program.

You can build muscle mass with the 8 x 8 system due
to it’s unique design. It’s a fast-tempo, high-volume,
size-building weightlifting routine. It’s not designed
to build much strength. It’s solely for building muscle
and losing body fat at a rapid pace. You’d like to
build muscle mass and lose body fat, wouldn’t you?

The short rest periods will tax your cardiovascular
system much in the way high intensity interval training
for cardio does.

Here’s the scoop: You perform 3 to 4 exercises per muscle
group and you do 8 sets of 8 reps for each exercise. Yes,
that’s 24 – 32 sets per muscle group! Normally, I’d say
that you’ll overtrain in a week on this type of volume, but
this weight training program is quite different than what
you are used to.

You work two or three muscle Side Effects Of SARMs groups per session and you
rest only 15 to 30 seconds between sets and complete
each workout in about 45 minutes – never more than 60.

This program, properly performed, will build muscle mass fast. Even
with the large number of sets, it will crank up your intensity
level by performing all this work in a short period of time.
This is much different than the endless volume, 2 to 3 hour
marathon workouts.

An absolute key to gaining muscle mass is overload, or progressive
resistance. This is usually accomplished by adding weight
to your exercises but this is not the only way to achieve overload
on your muscles. Another is to do more work in less time, which
is exactly what you get with this weight training system.

This weight training program will be a serious shock to your system.
It’s nothing like the bodybuilding programs you see everyone else
in your gym doing. Not even close. In fact, I would bet you’ve
never seen one person in your gym train on this routine.
But, hey, how many of them have you seen lose fat or gain mass quickly or,
for that matter, make any positive changes in their body recently?

How Much Rest Between Sets?

The idea is minimum rest. This means working
down to 30 seconds between sets at a minimum,
and if you really want the program to work and quickly build
muscle, you’ll need to get down to 15 to 20 seconds between
sets. With a typical tempo of about 4 seconds per rep,
you should be able to complete a 24 set workout in
18 – 21 minutes and 32 sets will take 25 to 28 minutes.
Sounds painful, doesn’t it? But it works. And you do
want to build muscle, don’t you?

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